Bunny Turns One

by vulpinedry

One year of life.

My little bunny has turned one year old!

It is wonderful to see how she has grown. She was so tiny in our arms, snuggled and sleepy. She had us on a three-hour cycle of change, feed, look around with her little eyes, feed some more, sleep. While she slept as a newborn, I would either run around and try to figure out what to do with my two-handed freedom, or I would crash and sleep. Ok, I will admit, there were times that I frittered away my time on Facebook or reading my Kindle. We did get a lot of help, but there were plenty of times when I would look at her and wonder, when will you smile at me? When will you talk to us? When will you walk and eat and interact? Well, most of that has come to pass. The talking is still more babbling, but she will eat (not limited to just food; she tries to eat lint and cat fur and paper, too) real food and pick up books and look through them and entertain herself. She shrieks with joy to see the dog and cats, and she gets absolutely hysterical with joy when Daddy comes home! She can walk really quickly, and climb up stairs, and crawl under gates. She pushes things around (boxes, stools, walking toys), loves to unpack boxes, pull out all the books from her bookshelf.

I love her so much and I love to see her enjoying life. At story time (we now go to toddler story time!) she will walk around the room, staring at new people, touching new faces (which is usually not welcomed), picking up and holding toys, and she does a lot of watching the other children and adults. My favorite is when she will sometimes stop, and clearly look around to see where I am, and when I catch her eye, she will BEAM at me. “Yes, there you are, Mommy, look at me being independent!”

This is the small child I have been waiting for. She will point at things she likes and giggle when we play peekaboo. She likes reading stories, but usually at her own pace, looking at pictures, then quickly moving on. She will still endure my squishy hugs, but she can go to sleep on her own in her crib for all naps and bedtime. She is my little love and my bunny. I love my daughter so much, and I want her to know it. I just hope I am doing a good job!