by vulpinedry

My word for 2014 was “Schedule.” I had a new baby coming, would still be working on my proposal and dissertation, and I could tell that something would have to change. I had been used to waking pretty much when I felt like it, coming in to work when I felt like it, and leaving to come home only with just enough time to make some dinner for Kevin and I when it was my turn to cook.

Welp, those days are gone. I am now on a schedule, technically, but since nobody is pushing me to be exactly on time, it has become a schedule with a lot of wiggle room.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday– Wake at 5:45am. Dress and prepare myself for work, wake up Emma Rose, drop her off at A’s house at 7am. Drive into campus, park, walk into my office to start work by 7:30am. Work, pump 3x a day, eat lunch, work, work, work. Leave by 4:20pm and pick up Emma Rose at 5pm. Get home by 5:15 and make dinner. Put her to bed at 6:30pm, prepare for the next day, wash dishes, clean, do more work, relax, sleep.

Tuesdays and Thursdays– Wake up with Emma Rose, hang out, work while she naps, eat when she eats, go to story time, make dinner before Kevin comes home. Put her to bed at 6:30pm, prepare for next day, wash dishes, clean, do more work, relax, sleep.

I follow this oh-so-loosely. I forgot to set my alarm, so I was about 30 minutes late to drop-off today, then stuck in traffic, then dawdled my time away online for most of the morning at work. Also, I never pump 3x daily like I should. This leads to having to buy more formula for Emma Rose than I had originally intended, pre-baby. I don’t leave time for exercise, so I am completely unprepared for my 10k this weekend. I was so late to Kevin’s work event this past Saturday because I didn’t leave enough time for the inevitable diaper emergency, and then I showed up 1 hour late to my friend’s Pampered chef party the next day because I misread/misremembered the time.

This needs to change. I will be working on this aspect of life improvement daily. Wish me luck.