My Bunny

by vulpinedry

Emma Rose, you are my little bunny, and my little bean. You are so strong. You are growing every day, moving, crawling, scooting, pushing yourself up to stand. Today, you went to a new babysitter’s house since Ariana is celebrating Rosh Hashana. I was worried, but I feel like I know you enough to know that you are very adaptable. I imagined that everyone would love you and coo over you and that you would be sweet and kind. I thought of you being strong in your new surroundings because I wanted you to be. And I think it turned out well, by all reports. You were good and quiet while you were at the new babysitter’s house, and you were so amazed by all the other children and new toys and sights and sounds– despite waking up at 5:30am, you didn’t go down for a nap until 10am. You did look a bit shell-shocked when I left you, and even when I picked you up. I think I will always want to know, am I doing the right thing for you? Am I doing what’s best for you?

I want you to be strong, curious, smart, kind, and loving. Ask questions and I will answer you. Try new things and run around with your strong legs. Say kind things, smile with your heart. But feel free to cry. It is wonderful to feel things- to feel happy, to feel sad, to feel angry or jealous. I will hold your hand and hold you close to me, or let you sit by yourself if you need that.

I want to show you how many wonderful experiences there are in the world- parks, libraries, museums, apple orchards, lakes, beaches, mountains, paths. Biking, running, swimming, swinging at the park, climbing on rocks, wading in streams. I want you to know that your body is a tool and food is its fuel.

Be strong, be you, and I always love you, and I will always be there for you. Mindig itt leszek, mindig leszek az anyukad.